Sweet Cheeks Boudoir

Our mission at Sweet Cheeks is to empower others with natural beauty. We want you to leave feeling more confident in yourself and in your own skin.

We welcome from all walks of life, all body shapes, skin colors, gender identities and hope you find a fun space to be yourself, be playful, and try something new.  

Who is our client?

Often a caregiver, a high-achiever, a career seeker, they place more value on helping those around them than themselves. They are likely between the ages of 23-56 and they may or may not have a partner but that doesn't matter because this boudoir experience is for them. They want to be photographed in a way that brings out their true confidence and who they are on the inside. They knows this does not mean they need a full makeover transformation, their natural beauty is enough. They live anywhere in the world and love the idea of a road trip to travel to a photographer who speaks to them. They doesn't subscribe to the traditional gender roles, they are the strong caregiver. 

"Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself."

—Coco Chanel